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VNCI MDI2 Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GM series of original factory mode diagnostic tools

Date issued:2023-11-21
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Type:OEM diagnostic interface
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VNCI MDI2 diagnostic scanner for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GM vehicles,Compatible with the latest Origianl software driver    Plug and play without installing any third-party patches,it can be replace origianl GM MDI2 interface. VNCI MDI2 come ture 100% origianl GM MDI2 interface function,but it only cost 10% price.

VNCI MDI2 is fully comparable to the original performance, in the processing system speed, security and programming speed have reached the original level.

VNCI MDI2 is compatible with the original driver. MDI2 is applicable to General Motors Global A platform and global B platform series models, which can be used to repair automotive electronics and automotive electronics systems. Through MDI2 equipment data transfer transmission, PC computer softening system can be used to diagnose and program automotive electronics and electronic systems.

VNCI MDI2 supports the following Diagnostic systems: RDS, GDS2, Data Bus Diagnostic Tool (CAN Bus analyzer), for Tech2win. It also supports A Pass-Thru offline programming program: TIS2Web-SPS, which replaces the original MDI generation device functionality, but is only available on global A-platform models. It also supports global DPS offline programming and Pan-Asian DPS programming.

The VNCI MDI2's biggest advantage is support for GM Online Techline connect(TLC) software and the latest GM series CAN FD module for diagnosis and programming of CAN FD protocol modules Support SAE J2534 Pass-Thru: Available with GM PC-based diagnostics and reprogramming applications. Support for pass-through programming stored in flash calibration files such as vehicle on-board controllers (PCM, ABS, VTD, etc...)


Three connection modes:

VNCI MDI2 Features

Three connection modes

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